About Rebekah Valentich

A dedicated activist, proud mother, animal lover, and aspiring nurse Rebekah Valentich brings a lifetime of passion and experience to all of her endeavors. She has worked in a number of fields throughout her professional career. She spent three years as a full-time photographer, working with children and families to create lasting memories. Rebekah Valentich was also responsible for hiring other sales associates and photographers for the business and received multiple awards for the quality of her photography and superior customer service.

After her time as a photographer, Rebekah Valentich founded a start-up housekeeping business, which provided commercial and residential janitorial services. Running the business for 12 years, Ms. Valentich continually expanded the enterprise and ultimately managed 15 employees in the Chillicothe, Ohio, area. In 2008, Rebekah Valentich sold the business in order to pursue a career in nursing. Rebekah Valentich anticipates receiving a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) from Wright State University in December 2012.

Since 2009, Rebekah Valentich has served on the Board of Directors for The Ross County Network for Children. A non-profit organization, The Ross County Network for Children advocates for children in many types of difficulties ranging from abuse to neglect. Passionate about working for the protection of children, Ms. Valentich actively organizes local events in the Chillicothe area and maintains financial records for the group. She also assists the organization in all elements of its charitable activities, including obtaining adequate resources to enable it to further its mission. Ms. Valentich attends meetings of The Ross County Network for Children on an ongoing basis, evaluates reports, and reviews the organization’s performance.


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